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Care instructions

Finest handcrafted porcelain

In order for you to enjoy our porcelain for a long time, we recommend you to follow the next tips.


Care instructions for porcelain


•  Avoid damages when placing, rinsing and removing items from the dishwasher. Place your porcelain the way that it does not collide with next items around, even during the rinse cycle.


•  White porcelain without decoration is generally dishwasher safe.


•  With decorated porcelain, the resistance of the dishwasher depends on the decorating process used:



Underglaze decorations such as the well-known cobalt-blue décor LOTTINE from ALT FÜRSTENBERG are completely protected by the glaze above which is fired at around 1.400°C; they are dishwasher-safe and abrasion-resistant.



Onglaze decorations, on the other hand, are not dishwasher-safe – we recommend hand washing for these articles. Due to the low firing temperature, the colours are not protected by the glaze. In addition, they are not abrasion-resistant. Usually these are hand-painted decors, fired at around 950 °C.


In doubt, please contact FÜRSTENBERG or your dealer to find out to what extent your porcelain is dishwasher safe or suitable.


•  If your porcelain does have a lining, looks matt or has dark signs from the abrasion of a cutlery, you can remove these deposits with a commercially available ceramics or porcelain cleaner.


Characteristics of precious metal decors like gold and platinum


•  All FÜRSTENBERG precious metal decorations are dishwasher safe, i.e. when using the dishwasher’s light and gentle action programme at 55°C (however, after 200 washing cycles, gloss may start to fade),  even champagne goblets SIP OF GOLD – nevertheless we generally recommend hand washing to ensure a long lasting pleasure with your porcelain.


•  Do not use abrasive detergents and sponges when washing by hand; this is especially true for microfiber cleaning cloths, which often use smallest abrasive particles that can scratch the metal. We recommend soft cotton cloths for cleaning.


•  Gold and platinum are relatively soft precious metals that can scratch due to their natural material properties.


•  Scratches caused by mechanical stress, e.g. from cutlery or in the stacking process of the porcelain, cannot be completely avoided.


•  When stacking, we strongly recommend using intermediate layers made of fabric or paper, for example.


•  Decors with precious metals are not suitable for the use in microwaves.

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