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Every porcelain tells a story. Here you will find interesting, entertaining and inspiring facts about porcelain and modern living.

Invitation to coffee

What has long worked in fashion is also allowed on the table: Mix&Match creates individuality . The table lovingly laid in this way creates the right ambience for an invitation to coffee.

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Design favourites in black

Black porcelain is an exciting current trend on the laid table - on the one hand classically elegant, on the other self-confident and expressive.

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Interior trends in autum

Minimalism meets statement objects, natural pastel colors meet internationally inspired patterns and second hand meets modern designer furniture.

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Exclusive gifts

Whether birthday, Christmas or anniversary - for special people and occasions we are looking for special gifts. At FÜRSTENBERG you will find exclusive porcelain gifts that give timeless joy .

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Chinese zociac sign

The Chinese zodiac signs are a repeating circle of 12 years, each year represented by an animal and associated with its attributes. We have used the designs in a very special way.

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How do you start the day? Small rituals help to start the day in a relaxed way, recharge your energy and awaken your good mood. Conscious time-outs in the morning increase well-being and performance for the whole day.  Dance, yoga exercise, tea enjoyment or a lovingly laid breakfast table – a morning ritual is a very individual good-mood kick.


Whether it’s coffee, tea, quick muesli or a lovingly laid breakfast table, four well-known personalities such as gallery owner Linn Lühn and art director Mike Meiré reveal how they enjoy their morning rituals with porcelain from FÜRSTENBERG.

Vases & Flower Tips

Vases made of manufactory porcelain are functional, versatile, always a nice gift idea and above all: noble interior design even without flowers.

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A passion for color

The Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG proves how stylish colourful decors can be. Whether on the laid table or in the interior - the following selection makes you desire color.

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5 x joy of spring

Open the windows, let in the light - spring is here! 5 things with which you can bring spring home with all its colours and joie de vivre are revealed here.

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Design Awards

FÜRSTENBERG is the second oldest porcelain manufactory in Germany and has always been a synonym for high-quality manufactured porcelain, which combines unique handicraft techniques and modern design. Whether tableware series for sophisticated table culture or individual designer pieces – porcelain with the crowned blue “F” is internationally renowned for sophisticated porcelain art with the seal of quality “Made in Germany”. The manufactory’s claim to produce valuable porcelain with precision, creativity, passion and empathy is also reflected in the high degree of handicraft in its production. Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG’s striving for technical and aesthetic innovation is rewarded by numerous design awards.


The collections of the Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG offer many possibilities to arrange tableware according to personal preferences .

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Tea tableware

For the perfect tea experience they simply belong: well-shaped tea cups and pots really show off your favourite drink on the table.

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Hot, black and sweet

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the espresso and discover the sophistication of elegant espresso cups .

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The joy of setting a table

The laid table rarely plays a role, and in general it plays far too less of a role. But it is fun to set a table! Besides, table culture is also hospitality .

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Trend combinations

FÜRSTENBERG Mix & Match ! What has long been a trend in fashion and furniture is now being continued by Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG on the laid table.

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Arrange food on plates

With fine manufactory porcelain you will impress your guests not only with the taste of your dishes, but also visually: A feast for the eyes!

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What's special about Christmas

Christmas always comes so suddenly. Just a moment ago it felt like summer and already we are planning the Christmas celebration. After a turbulent year, we are looking forward all the more to festive hours with our loved ones at home. We enjoy the Christmas menu at a lovingly set table. Whether classically elegant porcelain with gold and white, cheerfully modern with colourful accents or in an individual Mix&Match style – we will show you the most beautiful ideas for the Christmas table. Because you should always give what is close to your heart, we also have special porcelain gift ideas that will give you pleasure for a long time.


Immerse yourself in the Christmas world of FÜRSTENBERG!

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