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  •   Managing Director Stephanie Saalfeld leaves FÜRSTENBERG
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    <![CDATA[ Managing Director Stephanie Saalfeld leaves FÜRSTENBERG]]>

    Managing Director Stephanie Saalfeld leaves FÜRSTENBERG

    Fürstenberg, February 2021

    There has been a change in management at the FÜRSTENBERG porcelain manufactory: Stephanie Saalfeld, who has been the managing director of the Lower Saxony porcelain manufactory for eleven years, has left the company. André Neiß is taking over the management.

    Stephanie Saalfeld had been with the porcelain manufactory for 23 years, first as the authorised representative and later, since 2010, as the sole managing director. Under her leadership, the FÜRSTENBERG name was further developed as a premium brand and stood for innovation, quality, production in Germany and precision craftsmanship both nationally and internationally. Stephanie Saalfeld has left the porcelain manufactory at her own request. The experienced interim manager André Neiß took over as the new managing director on 22.2.2021.

    The Supervisory Board would like to thank Ms. Saalfeld for her many years of service and her tremendous commitment to the company, and wishes her all the very best for the future.

    The FÜRSTENBERG porcelain manufactory was taken over by the state of Lower Saxony as a new shareholder of NORD/LB. The state’s commitment through a state-owned investment company ensures the continued existence of the medium-sized company. Thus the state continues to stand behind the FÜRSTENBERG company, which as Germany’s second oldest porcelain manufacturer is an important part of Lower Saxony. The porcelain manufactory is a traditional company and ensemble that characterises Lower Saxony.

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